IDEN, the largest treasure hunt on mobile For businesses
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IDEN, the largest treasure hunt on mobile

IDEN, for businesses

The treasure hunt on

IDEN Campaigns

IDEN is a great tool to promote your products, do prospects acquisition or animate your loyal customers.

IDEN is launching during its private beta its “Pioneers Partners” program, opening our tools to your marketing operations to create great customers experiences around your stores, events and website.

Use our campaign to create viral operations
Be an IDEN Partner and use it as an innovative communication tool
Hunt the vaults linked to each campaign Discover our campaigns in the dedicated screen Each campaign is unique Hunt the vaults linked to each campaign

Partnerships features

Subscribing to our partners programs, you will be able to use IDEN as a powerful tool to drive customer acquisition and animate your communities.

1 Create campaigns in a minute using our dashboard

2 Acquire big datas regarding your operations and your customers behaviors

3 Move or create virtual vaults nearby your stores and events

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Contact us

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